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War of Dragnorox: A Dynamic Warfare MMO Reveals Trailer and Creative Director Overview

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War of Dragnorox: A Dynamic Warfare MMO Reveals Trailer and Creative Director Overview

War of Dragnorox is an upcoming Dynamic Warfare MMO developed by Oregon based developer Triune Studios. Triune plans to provide features like raids, dungeons, and special events that will be controlled by live dungeon masters – and much more.

War of Dragnorox is a passion project designed by Creative Director Josh Caba, and the team of 7 at Triune Studios. In development since 2016, Caba has built War of Dragnorox with principles that many old school MMORPG players will be familiar with. The story and lore of the game takes place in the world of Morgath, where the evil Dragnorox introduced magic many years ago as a way to enslave all those that inhabit the land. Players will have to defeat the spawn of Dragnorox, work with other players (and sometimes against them in PvP) and protect the world against new threats as they emerge.

Triune wants players to earn every triumph and reward. That means there will be no loot boxes, in game microtransactions, or pay to win mechanics of any kind. Everything that a player will obtain, is something that they received in game by killing monsters, crafting items, or other in-game only ways.

We have a very strict no microtransactions ever policy because of our passion and funding. This game isn't about the money. It's about the passion for the genre and if someone gets a sweet flaming sword in the game, you will know they pulled that off a dragon and not from their wallet.

- Josh Caba, Creative Director, War of Dragnorox

War of Dragnorox intends to release in September of 2023, and boasts a hefty series of features, which includes:

  • 19 End Game Raids on Launch
  • More than 30 Zones to Explore
  • 7 Classes to Choose From
  • Class Customization Through Crafting, Skills and Loot
  • Real Life Dungeon Masters to Curate and Control Content
  • First and Third Person views with a Minimalist UI
  • A Constantly Evolving World

The game sounds very ambitious, and ambitious projects can often be costly. War of Dragnorox has luckily been privately funded by a single person whose passion spawned from games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft Vanilla. According to Caba, the funding has been a blessing to the team, so that they can create the game as part of their vision without the need to stress over ongoing funding woes that often happen in the creation of an MMO.

Triune Studios’ perseverance has paid off as the game has made substantial progress, with plans to head into testing soon. Triune expects that a full beta is about a year off. And although the game still has a bit of a journey to go, the world and many of the integral systems are taking shape.

We're getting close to testing. I'm going to guess in about a year to a year and a half we'll go into full beta. We're about 85% complete with world build, need to wrap up a few other systems and rework combat a bit more and then we'll be ready for polish and test.

- Josh Caba, Creative Director, War of Dragnorox

War of Dragnorox plans to be free to download, with no box cost and is planned to release on Steam. The game is for PC players only, with no intention of a console or mobile version. Those that have been looking for a game that emphasized many of the classic MMORPG features we rarely, if ever, get to see these days, you just may find a home in War of Dragnorox.


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