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Visionary Realms Shows Off 'The Making of a City'

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Visionary Realms Shows Off 'The Making of a City'

Yesterday, Visionary Realms developers were on hand during a special live stream event to show off "the making of a city" in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. This video is the nearly hour-long replay of the Twitch stream, so if you're curious how worlds are built and are interested in Pantheon, this is a must watch!

Ever wonder how a city in an MMORPG is made? Join us with @CohhCarnage as Lead Concept Artist Jared Pullen, Creative Director Chris Perkins and Director of Communications Ben Dean explore the majestic capital city of Thronefast. Learn how this city is being made LIVE and how you can be a part of its construction during pre-alpha. 

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