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Visionary Realms CEO Talks Pantheon in 2021 in Latest Developer Roundtable

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Visionary Realms CEO Talks Pantheon in 2021 in Latest Developer Roundtable

The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer roundtable on February 5th sat down with CEO Chris Rowan to talk about what’s headed down the pipe for Pantheon and Visionary realms in 2021.

In the dev stream, Ben Walters has an hour and a half conversation with CEO of Visionary Realms, Chris Rowan, as he answers questions that touch on several topics, including launch expectations, and whether cash shops or premium servers will be available. Chris Rowan had this to say about the latter:

It’s just too early to be speculating on specific elements of the business model, though some of my team members have speculated out loud on this, which comes back to bite you but, asterisk, it’s only speculation. What I can say for certain is it’s just not going to be pay to win. We’ve turned down investment offers and partner offers, not just because they were pay to win, but because they didn’t really match the vision of what we’re trying to accomplish.

- Chris Rowan, CEO, Visionary Realms

There were a lot of insightful questions answered in the hour and a half stream, and if you’re familiar with their previous streams, you’ll know that the Visionary Realms team is passionate about their game, and doesn’t shy away from lengthy deep-dives into features that they are allowed to talk about. If you’ve got the time, and you’re wondering what’s going on with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen you’ll definitely want to listen to this one.


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