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Vampire Survivors Style Spinoff Temtem: Swarm Announced

Casey Bell Posted:
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Vampire Survivors Style Spinoff Temtem: Swarm Announced

Crema, the studio behind Pokemon-like MMO Temtem, announced a new spinoff this week with Temtem: Swarm, a Vampire Survivors style “bullet heaven.”

Playable solo or online with up to three others, players will need to survive against well, a swarm, of Tems as well as defeat formidable bosses (and mini-bosses).  The game aims to layer the strategy based combat mechanics of Temtem on top of the more simplified gameplay of games like Vampire Survivors and others in the genre.

Players can level up and evolve their Tems as they earn exp, with each evolution marking a significant power spike to a Tem’s abilities in battle. Players can also unleash powerful ultimate attacks with their Tems, potentially clearing an entire map in a single move.

Temtem: Swarm also features “ghost mode” which allows players to support their friends when they go down in online co-op.

As for the MMO, Crema recently deployed Temtem patch 1.6, with a new winter wonterland themed season titled Frozen Tales, adding a new battle pass, competitive season, Premium shop items, and a number of smaller quality-of-life features.

Temtem: Swarm will release sometime this fall. It can be wishlisted now on Steam.


Casey Bell