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Valorant Launches Today, Receives Battlepass

And a new shiny cinematic trailer to boot!

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Valorant Launches Today, Receives Battlepass

ValorantRiot Games's competitive 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, has officially launched today after nearly two months in beta.

To accompany today's launch, Riot Games has posted an article on the official Valorant website announcing the inclusion of the Valorant Battlepass.

"Launch is the debut of our Battlepass—a way for us to reward you for the time you give VALORANT with unique items that personalize your gameplay. We think we’ve designed something that brings appealing customization options for the world we’re building."

Riot Games is dubbing its Battlepass's seasons as 'Acts' and likens the launch of Valorant to being an Episode 1 for these Acts.  Each Act will last about two months long. The Battlepass will have 50 tiers open with both a Free and a paid-for Premium path. Tiers are earned via XP that is rewarded from Missions and matches. Rewards include weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, sprays and titles to personalize your heroes.


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