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VALORANT - Act II Launching August 4th Adding Deathmatch, Battlepass, New Character

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VALORANT - Act II Launching August 4th Adding Deathmatch, Battlepass, New Character

Riot Games has announced that VALORANT will release Act II tomorrow, August 4th, which will bring a new Battlepass, a new Deathmatch mode, and a new agent to play. The Battlepass will cost 1000 VP and contain its own unique unlockables.

Act II is shaping up to have plenty of items and added content to keep players busy throughout August with the inclusion of a new agent, Killjoy, a Battlepass with a brand new skin line known as Glitchpop, and a Deathmatch mode that will keep players dying in circles for hours.

The Battlepass will contain:

  • Gun skins
  • Gun buddies
  • Sprays
  • Player cards
  • Player titles
  • Radianite Points

According to Senior Weapons Artist Chris Stone:

Glitchpop was an opportunity for us to make something loud, bold, and more colorful compared to a lot of the other skins we were making, which were more serious and dark.

On the feature side, we focused heavily on visual elements that would deepen the fantasy of the skin line for players. The muzzle flash, glitch equip, holographic projector, and stickers were all elements that we could clearly theme as cyberpunk, while offering a great first-person visual experience.

We also wanted to give the player more agency when interacting with a skin line by tying the effects and features to common gameplay behaviors. A great example is the 1,3,1,3 (primary, knife, primary, knife) fidget that has been around since Counterstrike 1.6. When a player equips the Glitchpop line, they will see a randomized holographic logo appear on the side projector, and a randomized blade color on the knife. We had a lot of fun playtesting and iterating on this internally to ensure that the interaction between the player and their skin is exciting.

Wondering if it’s time for you to come back to VALORANT? They’ve been hard at work fixing and balancing the game, so if you’re a tactical shooter fan, it may be worth it to hop in again.


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