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Valheim's Ice Caves Give Vikings More To Explore In Latest Update

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Valheim's Ice Caves Give Vikings More To Explore In Latest Update

Valheim's latest update brings frost caves to the survival game, giving those enjoying the Viking afterlife more to explore in the Mountains regions of the map.

The update brings with it the new Frost Caves, deep mountain caves brimming with dangers (and we're not just talking about the freezing temperatures, either). These caves will only appear in unexplored Mountain areas of your map, so if you've found yourself itching to set sail and explore your world once more, now you have more incentive.

Frost Caves, though, isn't the only addition with this new update, as Valheim now finally has full, native gamepad support. The survival game now supports full control mapping, as well as features likely added as a way to ensure Valheim runs properly on the newly-released Steam Deck.

The update also brings with it some Quality of Life features, especially with building as the team is making it a bit clearer when you rotate a building piece for instance. Corpse Run also gives players a bonus to carry weight to compensate for not equipping the stregnth belt you can get from the vendor in-game.

A new weapon was also added, giving players who want fight with fisticuffs a bit more power as well with the Flesh Rippers. To celebrate a year of Valheim, the team also added a new drinking horn to the game as a way for Vikings to celebrate their expedtions. Additionally the dev team released a new Fireside Chat talking about the year that was and what is to come.


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