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V Rising Shows Off Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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V Rising Shows Off Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

Open-world Vampire game V Rising is showing off some of the combat players can expect when diving into the world created by Stunlock Studios. The new trailer shows off melee and ranged combat, as well as some of the magic you'll get to use.

V Rising'short trailer shows various different combat styles, with players weilding crossbows, giant axes as well as slinging spells from a distance. The two vampires slink around the Farbane Woods region of V Rising, taking on enemy units from what looks like to be zombies to even a giant golem. 

It's a short trailer, but it shows a glimpse at what combat will look like in the open-world survival game. The trailer also provides a first look at Rising's PVP, seeing a 2v2 clash between opposing vampires. Stunlock touts its WASD movement with cursor-based aiming to ensure precise, snappy combat.

V Rising will see players awaken as a weakened Vampire, needing to build up their power as well as their own settlement and castle. Set in a gothic open-world, players will need to venture out to gather resources, pillage villages and much more - all the while being wary of the sunlight. You can check out the gameplay in action in the embed above.


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