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[UPDATE] TemTem Coming To PlayStation 5 Next Year

Also coming to Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch in 2021

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[UPDATE] TemTem Coming To PlayStation 5 Next Year

[UPDATE 4:20 PT 8/6/2020] In a press release sent by Humble, the publishers of Temtem, the team revealed that while it was announced the creature collection MMO will be coming to PS5 next year, we now know when we'll see it on Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox Series X. Temtem will also arrive on those platforms in 2021, alongside the official PC release out.

Original Story Below:

Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem is coming to PlayStation 5 next year, as announced during Sony's State of Play earlier today. 

Temtem pits tamers in a world teeming with, erm, Temtems, waiting for you to catch and do battle with. Clearly inspired by Nintendo's Pokemon games, Temtem has been making waves in the PC MMO community this year, having just recently released its latest update last month adding Kisiwa Island to the game world. Currently in Early Access, the release on PlayStation 5 in 2021 might signal timing for its full release on PC as well. 

Recently, Red Thomas dove headlong into the world of Temtem, reveling in the experience's hidden complexity. You can check out his thoughts here.


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