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Uncharted Waters Online Releases Their 'First Official Trailer'

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Uncharted Waters Online Releases Their 'First Official Trailer'

Uncharted Waters Online recently took to twitter to announce their first official trailer. Despite several trailers being made available for Uncharted Waters Online over the course of its run over more than a decade, this does mark the first trailer to hit the official YouTube page, that was created back in March of 2021.

Uncharted Waters Online has had a bit of a storied past, as a sandbox MMORPG set in the Age of Exploration, that has certainly explored numerous global publishers over the past 11 years. Originally published back in 2010 by Netmarble, the game then transitioned to OGPlanet in 2013. In 2017, Papaya Play took over publishing and service, which included a complete reset of the title. In 2018, Uncharted Waters Online made its way to Steam, where, despite relatively positive reviews, the game never appeared to pick up…well steam, averaging under 100 players a day for more than a year through the online platform.

Despite numerous publishers and some low player numbers, UWO has not just kept itself running, but it has continued to provide updates. The last update, Seven Wonders, released back in March of 2020, and while it has been more than a year since UWO has provided a major expansion of any sort, the team recently ran an in-game event. With the launch of the latest trailer, it could signal that Papaya Play intends to ramp up marketing, and bring in more players to the long-running sea faring title.

Uncharted Waters Online is a historical nautical MMORPG that takes place in the Age of Discovery. Players can build homes, learn more than 75 professions, and build numerous historical ships as they aim to conquer the world. The game also boasts 100 vs 100 Naval PvP, though experiences will undoubtably vary due to population numbers.


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