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Tribes System Detailed During Recent Stream Event

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Tribes System Detailed During Recent Stream Event

The Chronicles of Elyria team was on hand during a recent Twitch stream where they spoke for nearly two hours answering player questions. One of the more interesting topics out of the entirety was the discussion about the tribe system that CoE will feature. 

In addition, the team posted an extensive look at the tribe system including how it differs from other MMOs and the more traditional "race" system. Several key aspects are fleshed out such as how tribe affect various mechanics such as character creation, communication and equipment constraints.

Tribes in the context of a game, especially an RPG, may be an unfamiliar term to many. So I wanted to take a moment to describe exactly what we mean by a tribe.

First, a tribe in Chronicles of Elyria, as in our world, represents a collection of people who generally share a common set of physical characteristics, values, and beliefs. In fact, identifying those broad categories was a large part of designing the tribes. The complete set of categories are:

  • Biology
  • Environment
  • History
  • Culture
  • Sociology
  • World Relations

Check the link to read a lot more on the subject.

If you'd like to see the longer stream, you can do so here.

The CoE devs will be on hand over the coming weeks to lay out more information about the remaining nine tribe. You can check the stream schedule here.


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