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Torchlight Infinite Debuts New Trailer, Hitting Open Beta In October

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Torchlight Infinite Debuts New Trailer, Hitting Open Beta In October

At the TapTap Presents show, X.D. announced that the anticipated mobile version of Torchlight, Torchlight Infinite, would be hitting open beta in October. To celebrate the announcement, the team debuted an all-new CG trailer.

The Torchlight Infinite trailer hits on some of the story of the mobile ARPG and the motivations of its characters. Heavily based on lore found in Torchlight's debut title, X.D. describes Infinite as a "new story in an apocalyptic era." 

"As seen in the CG trailer, Torchlight: Infinite is all about finding hope in the darkness.," X.D. state in a press release announcing the Open Beta launch timing. It continued, talking about some of the characters players will encounter while playing through Infinite.

"A team of Torchlight heroes are on a mission to prevent an invasion of darkness and protect innocents who have been forced from their homes. The colorful trailer also reveals key characters including the Aemberons, evil creatures born from the Aember, and the Sparks, the hope of the world of Torchlight."

Torchlight Infinite aims to give players the tools to create their ideal character, through the use of talents, traits, skills and the almighty ARPG draw: loot. Infinite boasts that it will have 230 different skills to choose from with three hero traits to customize your hero the way you see fit.

X.D. also debuted the sixth hero coming to Torchlight Infinite, the Oracle Thea. Thea is described as a "goddess with magical powers" derived from the Moon. 

Players will be able to try it out for themselves as Torchlight Infinite launches into open beta later this year. While not exact date is given, the team at X.D. are aiming for October 2022 to open the floodgates to beta testers, and for those who want to get a headstart on this there is pre-registration available now

Torchlight Infinite is aiming to bring a full ARPG experience the franchise is known for to mobile, and what we've played thus far has been pretty solid. Obviously, full impressions are reserved for the final launch, but definitely check out our preview if you're interested. Also, Torchlight Infinite is planning a PC version, with early work beginning earlier in the Spring. 


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