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Torchlight III Officially Launches on PC, XBOX One and Playstation 4 Today

Launch into the Frontier

Steven Weber Posted:
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Torchlight III Officially Launches on PC, XBOX One and Playstation 4 Today

Today, Torchlight fans that have been waiting for Torchlight III to officially release will be happy to see the official launch trailer, celebrating the launch on PS4, XBOX One and PC. Nintendo Switch gamers don’t have much longer to wait either, as the game will launch on the console on October 22nd.

ARPG fans that have waited for the official release before buying into the game will be happy to know that the frontier is waiting for them to choose one of four classes, and hack and slash their way for fame and glory.  Luckily players will also be able to team up not just with other players to take on the frontier, but they will also have their very own pet to bring along on their journey.

Torchlight III, originally was planned as an MMORPG that later migrated back to its roots, as Torchlight Frontiers was deemed too confusing and not particularly fun to testers during development. Luckily, Torchlight III still allows for plenty of multiplayer fun for those that wanted to adventure with their friends. Players that purchase today will also get a platform specific Fairy pet. Prior to launching today, Torchlight III has been in early access since June of 2020.


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