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Torchlight III Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Fall

Switch Version Granted Exclusive Pet

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Torchlight III Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Fall

The full release of Torchlight III is coming this fall to Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch this fall, bringing with it the full experience on the go for Switch users. Those who opt for the Nintendo Switch version will also receive an exlusive Red fairy pet to accompany them on their adventures.

Torchlight III is set a century after the events of Torchlight II, with the Ember Empire finding itself on the brink of collapse thanks to the threat of invasion from Netherim and their allies. Torchlight III pits players in the familiar hack and slash looting action the series has been known for throughout the years, as well as bringing along some mechanics such as building and updating your fort, and more. Additionally, Torchlight III, brings back  pets, with Nitendo Switch fans getting an exclusive Red Fairy pet to help them in their adventures.

According to a press release, Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of Torchlight, states that releasing the Switch version fulfills the wishes of the fans.

“To bring Torchlight III to the Nintendo Switch has been a top ask from our fans, and we’re thrilled to fulfill this wish[.] With Torchlight III being one of the most accessible games in the ARPG genre and an excellent entry point into the Torchlight universe, Torchlight III will be a fun pick-up-and-play adventure on this platform.” 

Torchlight III  was initially slated to be Torchlight Frontiers, however the team shifted gears earlier this year, releasing the game in Early Access in June. It hasn't been smooth sailing since launch, with the team acknowledging some of the struggles they've dealt with since launching in early access.   


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