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Torchlight III Highlights New Fort System In Video

Build your fort your way

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Torchlight III Highlights New Fort System In Video

Torchlight III might be a continuation of the ARPG gameplay everyone has come to love in the franchise, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Runic Games from adding other systems to the mix. In a new video, the team highlights their Fort system, giving a glimpse into making the world around you a little bit more to your liking.

In the video, the really-well done voice over explains the Forts in Torchlight III, showcasing the customization you can do to make each fort feel like your own.  The Forts will be available to players in Act 1 of Torchlight III, once you clear away a mob of goblins in your way. 

Via a press release from Runic: 

While the upcoming ARPG builds on the familiar hack’n’slash combat and mechanics fans loved about the original series, it also includes brand new features for adventurers to explore, starting with the introduction of Forts. When Torchlight III releases on PC later this year, players will have the opportunity to build and customize their very own fortress on the frontier. Forts allow each adventurer to leave their personal mark on the world, as these structures can be personalized and adorned with treasures that have been crafted or earned through combat.

Forts can also be used as a hub to meet with other players, swap out skills and armor sets and more. You can check out the video to see more. 


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