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The Wayward Realms Unveiled By OnceLost Games, Helmed By Elder Scrolls Creators

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The Wayward Realms Unveiled By OnceLost Games, Helmed By Elder Scrolls Creators

The Wayward Realms is an upcoming RPG from OnceLost Games, and is seeking to capture the magic of older Elder Scrolls games, like Daggerfall and Arena. And that's good, as the team making this new RPG is helmed by some of the series' creators.

Over the weekend, the first screenshots and teaser trailer were released by OnceLost Games, celebrating the reveal of what they are calling a new genre of game: The Grand RPG. The Wayward Realms takes place over a hundred, "realistically scaled" islands, called collectively the Archipelago. The developers are hearkening back to their influences, especially Elder Scrolls series. And it makes sense as two of the lead programmers on the early games, Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, are at the helm of this ambitious project.

According to OnceLost GamesThe Wayward Realms is set to feature large cities with "hundreds of thousands of NPCs," as well as house deep, rich dungeons for players to explore. It's also trying to lean back into the role-playing aspect of the RPG, by allowing players to play a class "of our design." The team also talks briefly about how the story itself will be constantly evolving.

" A virtual Game Master keeps things interesting for you, making other characters and their factions react and plot their next move based on your actions, resulting in no two players having the exact same game experience. World events have very different effects in the life of a socializing aristocrat, a thief entrenched in underworld conspiracies, a scholar collecting ancient artifacts, or whatever role you craft for yourself."

While the reveals happened over the weekend, the team cautions that this isn't going to be out for some time. Though if you can check out the new Steam page for more information about The Wayward Realms, as well as check out some of the fancy new screenshots from the RPG, which uses Unreal Engine 5 to power the game.


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