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The Tamer Class and the Black Sun Drops in to Black Desert Mobile Today

But Can the Tamer, Tame the Black Sun?

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Tamer Class and the Black Sun Drops in to Black Desert Mobile Today

Black Desert Mobile is happy to introduce one of the most interesting classes that Pearl Abyss has to offer, the Tamer class. In addition to the Tamer class the latest update brings plenty of other features, such as the Black Sun.

The Tamer is a dangerous melee class, armed with a short sword and trinket, and the power of Heilang to defeat her enemies. In addition to the new class reveal, a new PVP event, Black Sun, has also been released. The Black Sun is set to rise in Valencia on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  An in-game alert will let players know when the Black Sun rises. You can read all about the new changes in the updated patch notes provided on the official Black Desert Mobile site.

Players will earn Black Sun points by defeating monsters and other players, while staying alive yourself, to earn fantastic rewards as you increase your Black Sun score throughout the event window. Recently, in Black Desert Mobile Hadum’s realm became available, though it will not be available during the time of Black Sun. The Tamer is also releasing hot on the heels of the Hashashin, which hit Black Desert Mobile just last month.


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