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The Tale of Magnai & His Ongoing Search for True Love

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The Tale of Magnai & His Ongoing Search for True Love

This update has appeared on the Final Fantasy XIV: Lodestone. The video is considered a "labor of love" on the part of dev team member "M" and showcases Magnai's search for his Nhaama that transcends time and even platform. Intrigued? Keep reading.

This grand saga for use with your "home amusement device" that we so generously present to you chronicles the trials and tribulations of the illustrious sun. Though the Children of Azim had some reservations about disseminating these tales to the ignorant masses, we have decided to allow it on this occasion. Let mass production commence!

Our endeavor was conceived some months ago when the sun chanced to meet with a so-called "wandering minstrel." The vagabond was a gifted storyteller, and could perhaps do the sun's legacy justice--nay, it was his duty to tell the tale! However, the minstrel was far too preoccupied with his own works, which he insisted demanded his undivided attention, and insolently refused.

And so the sun dispatched his brothers to an accursed isle which recently appeared off the coast and seized a scribe named "M." Though the man protested his treatment, bleating "no" like a distressed sheep, he soon came to accept his lot and labored day and night to create a masterpiece worthy of the sun.

Admittedly, when the sun first laid eyes on the scribe's work in progress, he found it completely and utterly lacking--an affront to the Dawn Father himself. He has been assured that the finished product will be of such surpassing quality as to spur the resplendent Azim to cry out in joy.

Please look forward to it.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!


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