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The Path to Consoles Video Developer Diary

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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The Path to Consoles Video Developer Diary

En Masse Entertainment has published a new TERA video developer diary that lays out the path to consoles. There are a lot of announcements coming in the next several weeks, but one thing En Masse is happy to reveal is that the TERA site hs going to be upgraded for better ease of use as well as "console-friendly features".

You'll see our TERA.enmasse.com website change over the next month or so as we give it a fresh coat of paint, a more streamlined focus, and equip it with some console-friendly features—like a news feed filtered by platform and multi-language support. We’ll remove some old and outdated content like dungeon game guides, knowing our fans have this info covered. This will keep the site from being overwhelming for the influx of new players the console versions will bring. Besides, our players make damn good guides (like our friends at essentialmana.com), so check them out! 

Check out the video from Senior Project Manager "Denommenator" and let us know what you think!


MMORPG.com Staff