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The Great Prairie of the West Opens in ArcheAge, Bringing New Quests, Lore, and Events to Celebrate

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The Great Prairie of the West Opens in ArcheAge, Bringing New Quests, Lore, and Events to Celebrate

The Great Prairie of the West opens up today in ArcheAge. Not only is there a brand new region to explore, there are new quests, new battles, achievements, and a bunch of new monsters to take on. The launch of the new region will also kick off several events, including a bonus period for new and returning players, and progression bonuses. 

The new region is located southeast of the Eastern Hiram Mountains, and introduces a new region full of history that will be adding to the lore in a few ways. Some of this will be in discoveries and artifacts, and some will be in the legendary Guardians. Those Guardians will also be ushering in a brand new mode, Guardian Scramble. 

You’ll be able to battle it out at scheduled times in the Great Prairie and there is no limit on participants. You’ll be able to summon your faction guardians via totems found around the area, which you can place offerings you earn by beating wild guardians. 

There are a number of region quests, race quests, achievements, and other features. Also, you can expect the herbs and plants in the area to have some special power. There looks to be a lot to do in ways that are typical of a freshly launched new region, but also a few things keeping it all very much ArcheAge.

To mark the launch, there’s a campaign for new and returning players, where you can get a number of level-based rewards, and the Great Prairie of the West Celebration. Part of this is a Level Boost event, where you can get one free progression support package and buy more from the marketplace. The second part, a daily consumable aid event lets you grab one free gift per day from the marketplace with some consumables to help you out. 

You can read our interview with XL Games Producer Ham Young Jin on the update, and read the full update notes over at ArcheAge. 


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