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The Game Awards 2022: Action RPG Wayfinder Revealed By Digital Extremes And Airship Syndicate

Playtest Access Coming December 13th

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The Game Awards 2022: Action RPG Wayfinder Revealed By Digital Extremes And Airship Syndicate

Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes have been working on a new online action RPG for a while now, and the two developers unveiled that project officially tonight at The Game Awards. Wayfinder was announced, showing off some of the gameplay in this upcoming co-op title.

Wayfinder is being published by by Digital Extremes, known most for Warframe, and developed by Airship Syndicate, who developed Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and is coming to PC and PlayStation in 2023. This was initially unveiled earlier this year during TennoCon 2022, alongside Soulframe and additions to Warframe this year. The new gameplay trailer shows off the world of Evenor and introduces players to the Gloom, a powerful, foul force that decays the world around it. Players will take the role of Wayfinders as they seek to drive back the Gloom and protect Evenor from calamity.

Wayfinders themselves wield "arcane magic, mystical tech, or cunning weapons," according to today's press release, and hope to bring balance to the world of Evenor. Each play experience should be unique, as Wayfinders will step into dungeon-esque areas called Lost Zones to combat the Gloom itself, each zone having different modifiers, challenges, and more. Players will use their Gloom Dagger to combat the Gloom, collect new weapons and gear, and battle enemies throughout each of the Lost Zones, either solo or in a group.

Development on Wayfinder has been going on for four years now, with Digital Extremes' head of external projects Richard Browne talking commenting on the game the two dev houses have been working on. 

"Four years ago when we set out on this journey with Airship Syndicate to build Wayfinder we had high hopes and expectations. The World they have created, the characters that inhabit it, and the ever-changing adventures players can encounter truly live up to the dreams we held. I can’t wait for players to band together and help push back the Gloom from Evenor."

You can check out the full gameplay trailer in the embed above. Wayfinders is coming in 2023 and will be free-to-play, much like Warframe, and is currently announced for PC and PlayStation consoles. There is a PC playtest happening next week on December 13th, which you can sign up for here. Additionally, a PlayStation network test is coming sometime in January.

Wayfinder will launch into early access on PC and PlayStation in Spring of 2023.


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