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The Finals Mid-Season Update Adds 'Steal the Spotlight' Solo Limited Time Mode

Casey Bell Posted:
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The Finals Mid-Season Update Adds 'Steal the Spotlight' Solo Limited Time Mode

Embark Studios dropped a mid-season update for The Finals this week, adding a new limited time event alongside the usual bug fixes and balance tweaks.

Embark seems to be doubling down on solo events following the release of Solo Bank It mode as a limited time event in game update 1.5 earlier this month. With 1.6, Embark has introduced the Steal the Spotlight limited time event, a solo event that pits players against each other on night maps with a set build and loadout. Cashout stations in this mode are guarded by turrets and tripwires, so players will need to be crafty in their approach.

Players participating in the event this week will also unlock a new “dazzling cosmetic bundle” to show off with in their matches.

The update also nerfs Recon Senses to limit their reach (it was previously infinite) and players will now be notified if they’ve been spotted by it.  Controller players will see refinements to close-ranged aim assist and can now use gyro controls on gamepads that support it.

Progression received some changes, as well. Embark has added 10 additional levels to the Career Rank track along with new rewards. New players will also be enter ranked tournaments sooner, with the required number of matches reduced from 60 to 45.

The Finals is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


Casey Bell