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The Elder Scrolls Online Dives Into The History Of The Systres Archipelago Ahead Of June's High Isle

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online Dives Into The History Of The Systres Archipelago Ahead Of June's High Isle

In a new video, ZeniMax is pulling the veil back on some of the history surrounding the Systres archipelago, the setting for this year's Elder Scrolls Online chapter, High Isle.

The archipelago is home to houses of Breton nobles as the families play an intricate game of politics and intrigue throughout the isles themselves. The archipelago itself, once united against any external threat, is now fractured thanks to these family divisions.

The video goes into some detail about the origins of the isle, specifically during the time of plague brought on by the Sload. The All Flags Navy set sail from the Systres, determined to defeat the Sload. The archipelago stood united, for a time, against any threat that came against the isles. However, as Breton society fractured into the noble houses and their politicking, so too did the unity. 

The video is rather short, but it does a good job setting the tone for what should be an interesting chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. While in recent years the development team seems to have leaned a bit too heavily on existential threats to Tamriel as the focus of the story, High Isle aims to bring the story back down to Tamriel itself, and back to ESO's roots of politics and intrigue driving the story forward. 

High Isle will launch on June 6th for PC, Stadia and Mac, while console players will be waiting until June 21st. You can check out the video in the embed above. Recently, ZeniMax gave a glimpse into High Isle's new trial, Dreadsail Reef, as well as announced that Lord of the Rings' Billy Boyd would be joining the voice cast.


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