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TERA's Lumikan Update Brings New Catalepticon Dungeon and New Boss

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TERA's Lumikan Update Brings New Catalepticon Dungeon and New Boss

New content for TERA is here, including a brand new dungeon and boss. Here are the details.

We had written recently about TERA’s latest update and briefly touched on the new Catalepticon dungeon. But now, we have additional first-look details about just what you can except as you delve into this new dungeon.

It should be noted that we were told in a press release that Gameforge is set to release monthly updates with new content this year. Catalepticon looks to be the first of these which features no entry restrictions. Catalepticon includes a new boss, Lumikan. You might want to take stock since she is armed with spear and swords. You’ll be able to play this dungeon without a weekly llimit.

You can also redeem your coupon “FightLumikan” now for some free goodies. These expire on February 7, 2021. Here’s what you get when you redeem the coupon:

  • 10x Astral Fragment
  • 3x Adventure Coin (400)
  • 500x Fashion Coupons
  • 2x Exodor Linen

In this update, you’ll also return to the Ruinous Manor,  while also checking out some new equipment. You’ll be able to enchant your existing items and find the necessary materials in the dungeons or through PvP activities. Additionally, you can buy them from traders.


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