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TERA's Elin Valkyrie Is Coming To Console On March 25th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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TERA's Elin Valkyrie Is Coming To Console On March 25th

TERA's console version will be seeing a new class coming on Thursday, as the Elin Valkyrie will make its debut alongside the 91.01 update.

The Elin Valkyrie comes with a new mission quest and zone quest, and those players who have a Castanic Valkyrie and want to make the jump to the ne Elin variety, TERA is giving players a race change vocher to do so. 

If the class really doesn't do much for you, the upcoming patch has a bevy of class balance changes, including skill damage increases to a bevy of Priest skills. Players will be able to check out the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon, as well as check out the Manglemire Event. However, if you haven't had the chance to explore Antaroth's Anbyss, you'll need to do so before it's closed on March 25th. For a full breakdown of what is coming with v91, YouTuber Sarumonin has a legnthy breakdown on his channel.

You can check out the full details of the patch on the TERA console website. If you want to see the Elin Valkyrie in action, you can do so in the trailer embed above.


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