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Tencent's Battle Royale 'Europa' Kicks Off SEA CBT Later Today

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Tencent's Battle Royale 'Europa' Kicks Off SEA CBT Later Today

Tencent is getting ready to unleash the first closed beta test later today in the Southeast Asia region for its upcoming battle royale game, Europa. This new fan trailer shows off gameplay action, the weather system and the game's map system.

EUROPA, a mysterious company, kidnapped humans to experiment with a project called 'ELYSIUM', an experiment to test human development through a realistic simulation. Every kidnapped person becomes a 'player' connected to a highly developed and very dangerous Virtual Reality system. If a player dies in the simulation world, the player will die in the real world.

All players will be given new memories. With only one surviving condition. The rest must die. The only option is to win this match by fighting against someone else who has been kidnapped as well!

Ring of Elysium or ROE is Free to Play PC Battle Royale Game or Battle Royale game that you can play for free on computer. All players will plunge into a desert island, where there is only one winner - the last survive. The battle area will shrink slowly, and only players who can take advantage of the location and use the existing good equipment will be the winners.

You can play the Ring of Elysium in several modes. Both single and team up to 4 people. Look for the best strategy and be prepared to be the last survivor ...

You can check out the Europa (Ring of Elysium) site to check out more.

Here's one of the official trailers from the Indonesian Europa team:


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