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TemTem Releases Kisiwa Island Trailer, Launches July 21st

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TemTem Releases Kisiwa Island Trailer, Launches July 21st

Fans of the creature collection MMO TemTem may be happy to know that Crema will release the Kisiwa Island update tomorrow, July 21st. To celebrate the release, the announcement is accompanied by an official release trailer that details a lot of what you can expect from the new island, including new Tems you may encounter! Crema is also teasing a ton of new features that they have added in the update as well. Be aware, the trailer may have some spoilers.

In addition to the new update, Crema has also expressed a warning that TemTem will be increasing its price from $35.00 to $37.50, in a move that has been building for a while, as new price increases will continue each time a large patch (such as Kisiwa Island) is added to the game. Luckily, fans of TemTem will be happy to hear about all the upgrades that Crema has made in the newest patch. A reimagined chat system, clubs (clans), and an increased level cap are all new features that fans will surely appreciate.

TemTem: Kisiwa Island will provide tons of hours of fun as players find new Tems, new techniques, new traits, and new items. Crema has been pretty good at keeping their content roadmap, despite some delays along the way. You can read the entirety of the Kisiwa Island announcement on Crema’s news page.


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