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Temtem Launches on its Exclusive Console Debut on Playstation 5 Today

If Only People Could Buy a Playstation 5 - Amiright?

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Temtem Launches on its Exclusive Console Debut on Playstation 5 Today

December 8th is the day when Crema and Humber Games launches their creature-gathering multiplayer game Temtem on the Playstation 5. This hereby marks the games exclusive early access launch on consoles, though the game is currently available on PC and plans to come to the XBOX Series X and Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

The launch of Temtem on Playstation 5 will allow for cross-play between the PC and console players, though cross-save has not yet been implemented, so PC players won’t be able to transition if they were one of the lucky few who managed to secure a Playstation 5. Temtem Playstation players will have the benefit of playing with a mouse and keyboard if they choose to do so.

The release of Temtem as an early access title will certainly excite fans of catching creatures, but those hoping for more Playstation specific features may have to wait a little longer as trophies have not been implemented, and haptic feedback for the highly regarded Playstation 5 controller are also not available. The game will also run at 4K resolution but at the time of this launch, the game will only manage 60FPS instead of the 120 FPS it plans to achieve on launch, albeit at a lower resolution.


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