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Technical Alpha Update - Smooth Sailing

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Technical Alpha Update - Smooth Sailing

The Sea of Thieves team has posted a new update to the ongoing Technical Alpha that provides new information about additional features being added to help out teams of players including text-based chat, the ability to banish players to the brig, scuttling your own ship, the small ship and much more. The game really seems to be coming together!

As a quick recap, the headline features of this update are our non-verbal comms system, banishment to the brig, ship scuttling and the long-awaited option of setting sail on a smaller craft with a cut-down crew. For elaboration on all these things, take a fascinating four-minute cruise through the video below. We assure you it's worth it, not least because of the velvety voiceover work from our in-house Video Producer John McMurtrie


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