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Tarisland Drops A New Trailer And Will Have Full Cross Play Between Mobile And PC When It Launches Later This Year

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Tarisland Drops A New Trailer And Will Have Full Cross Play Between Mobile And PC When It Launches Later This Year

Tarisland, the upcoming MMORPG from Tencent, dropped a trailer this morning as well as released some new information about the upcoming game, which is launching on PC and Mobile globally this year.

The upcoming MMO takes place on the planet of Taris, and according to YangMin, the producer on the MMO, it aims to go back to the genre's roots.

Via this morning's press release:

"Tarisland is a project our team has been passionately working on for the past three years. For some of us, it's a game we've been dreaming of creating and sharing with players for almost a decade," comments YangMin, producer of Tarisland. “We're going back to the core of what an MMO is, paying attention to the smallest details and refining every inch of the gameplay.”

The trailer shows off multiple different scenes that could play out in Tarisland, from visiting humble towns to fighting giant dragons with a group of friends. While the trailer is clearly CGI, the scene where the party tackles the dragon seems to be set up in a way to try to mirror what gameplay could look like, though obviously, we'll have to wait for official gameplay to finally be released.

Tarisland is also coming to mobile in addition to the PC port, with full cross-play and progression between the platforms. Tarisland will feature nine classes, with Tencent stating that each is fully customizable to give each player "the flexibility to tailor their character to their own preferences and individual playstyles." 

Tarisland is also being described as a massive sandbox MMORPG, though not much was detailed about the exact sandbox nature of the game. We'll have to wait to see more as Tencent pulls the veil back on the MMORPG.

Given that Blizzard and NetEase recently were unable to renew their partnership keeping World of Warcraft and many other titles operational in China, Tarisland seems to fill that gap of a large, fantasy-based MMORPG. Hopefully we'll learn much more about what that will entail as we head towards the global release.


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