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Swords Of Legends Online's New Fox Mage Class Brings The Heals With The Firestone Legacy Update

Releasing February 24th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords Of Legends Online's New Fox Mage Class Brings The Heals With The Firestone Legacy Update

Swords of Legends Online is gearing up for what is its largest update yet in The Firestone Legacy, which hits PC on February 24th. The update will bring with it the newest class to come to SOLO: The Fox Mage.

The Fox Mage is a class that, like every class in the MMORPG, has two specializations: Ranged DPS and Healing. The class wields its Twin Branches to deal damage or heal friends, depending on their mood (and role in the group). For damage, the Fox Mage uses its Twin Branches made stronger thanks to herbacious poisons, while alternativey they can use nature to heal.

From the press release via GameForge this morning:

"Fox Mages have a strong connection with nature; for their cultivation, they bury firestones in the ground and plant exotic seeds on top of them. The plants which sprout are highly imbued with soulforce, allowing the Fox Mages to increase their own soulforce and reinforce the barriers of the Floral Palace. Through diligent study of the plants’ cycle of growth and decay, they learn to understand the art of self-cultivation, enabling them to enhance their magical powers."

The Fox Mage's class zone is the Snowing Blossom Palace, and the mages themselves have some unique visual characteristics. Because of their dual heritage of the Firestone Clan as well as spirit foxes, their appearance is one of a half-human/fox hybrid. Additionally, Fox Mages keep their youthful appearance thanks to their physical development being slowed between teenage years and reaching adulthood. 

You can check out more about the Fox Mage in the trailer embed above. Swords of Legends Online's 2.0 update, The Firestone Legacy, will hit later this month with the Fox Mage releasing at the same time. Swords of Legends Online is also going free-to-play, giving more players the chance to check out what is one of the most popular entertainment series from China.


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