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Swords of Legends Online Receives World and Lore Trailer

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Swords of Legends Online Receives World and Lore Trailer

Swords of Legends Online is set to boast an impressive world when it releases in the West later this year. We now have a shiny new trailer showing off this world and what you can expect as you set off to explore, defeat enemies, and conquer.

The lore introduces us to a world born from chaos. From this chaos, a creator of heaven and Earth named Pingu was formed. As the accompanying press release notes, Pingu’s death was not in vain,

“Upon his death, Pingu’s remains transformed into two substances that would change the world: pure qi, and dark qi. From the pure qi came the gods of good, the virtuous Nüwa, the merciful Shennong, the god of death itself, Yama, and the god that would gift humanity superhuman abilities and immortality, Fuxi. Birthed from the dark qi was the plague goddess Jiegou, with her army of Blightbeasts and army of foul creatures of the shadow.”

An Ancestral Sword was also forged which proved to be quite powerful. In fact, so great was its power that it could actually wound the gods. This resulted in the evil Longyuan Clan to sacrifice souls to create the Seven Ancient Swords.

Wars ensued with many lives lost, but ultimately, the past’s dangers still remained in the world. This is where we come in as the new warriors who must learn how to awaken the ancient power and snuff out evil.

Swords of Legends Online has seen several classes revealed of late including our exclusive on the Spearmaster class. Additionally, a recent interview discussed leveling, class areas, and endgame. And in case you missed it, SOLO will have a Battle Pass and shop. You can learn more about those here.


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