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Swords of Legends Online Details PvP Modes: Battlegrounds, Garden of Blades, and More

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Swords of Legends Online Details PvP Modes: Battlegrounds, Garden of Blades, and More

The team behind upcoming MMORPG, Swords of Legends Online, have even more PvP footage and details to share with you. Here’s some more information on what you can expect if you decide to check out PvP in SOLO.

First off, if you missed our previous coverage on the 10v10, 15v15, and 3v3 PvP gameplay trailers, do yourself a solid and check them out here. While that article contains footage for all three modes, we have new details today regarding Battlegrounds, Garden of Blades, and other PvP modes.

Battlegrounds seems like a mix of Capture the Flag and Battle Royale. There are four “arenas” in which you’ll compete. The first is called Battle in the Sands where you’ll fight monsters and possessed enemies. At a certain point, you’ll fight another group of 10 players. However, one player from each team will be possessed and must be healed.

Haizhou Fort is next where two teams of 10 players will face off for Capture the Flag in the center. Land of Emerald Clouds is the Battle Royale where you’ll have six teams of 5 players beginning with low level gear. As the match progresses and map shrinks, you’ll get better gear to be last team standing. Finally, Realm of the Five Elements is the final Battlegrounds. You’ll be tasked with finding and holding five towers while taking part in 15v15 combat.

Garden of Blades is another mode meant for small scale fights comprising of 3v3 gameplay. This is effectively a team deathmatch mode rotating between three maps: Dreamworld, Fenghuang Temple, and Baxian Plateau.

Other PvP modes include Rampage, Duelling, Chang’an Arena, and PvP Equipment. According to the accompanying press release, these modes break out as follows:

  • Rampage: When you and your opponents have reached the maximum level, you can destroy them in Rampage! But be warned, they can also attack you, and dying with Evil Qi means that you end up in the Realm of Destiny, where you’ll have to complete a list of tasks in order to leave.
  • Duelling: It’s just you and your opponent in a 1v1 showdown for superiority (and bragging rights).
  • Chang’an Arena: If you’re tired of dunking on friends and strangers, then take the fight to the NPCs! These battles can be played daily and allow you to obtain coveted items.
  • PvP Equipment: The equipment you receive for PvP in Swords of Legends Online is completely independent of the equipment available for PvE. Once you complete the PvP tutorial, your first step will begin, and you can improve your gear by earning a reputation on the battlegrounds.

In recent news, ray tracing may arrive to Swords of Legends Online soon-ish. And the beta test is fast approaching this Friday, May 21. Check out our hands-on impressions ahead of time.


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