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Swords Of Legends Online Details Its Reaper Class

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Swords Of Legends Online Details Its Reaper Class

Swords of Legends Online is starting to detail its new MMO coming to the West and it's starting with some class reveals. The Reaper is up first, brinigng its hybrid-DPS role to the fore.

Swords of Legends Online is an MMO coming to the West from China based on Chinese mythology. The Reaper class is a hybrid-DPS class with two masteries: The Assassin and the Occultist. 

The Assassin mastery sees The Reaper deal damage at close range with its iconic scythe. The Occultist turns the DPS class into a support one,  SOLO turns this class into a healing and buff class, using "a deep spiritual connection to Nu?wa to heal their allies and boost their skills with specially bred insects."

Via the official website:

"As students of an ancient school, Reapers blur the boundaries between life and death. Using their powerful scythes, they rake across the battlefield like a hurricane of darkness. Having glanced behind the curtain into the unknown, Reapers can manipulate the energy of life itself, reawakening allies to new powers and healing fatal injuries. Their connection to the shadows allows them to sneak up on their enemies unawares."

Swords of Legends Online is a remastered and improved version of the highly successful MMORPG, Gu Jian Qi Tan Online. The upcoming MMO will be published by GameForge here in the West and include full English voice-overs, as well as full text support for English, French and German. The MMO will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store as well as the GameForge client and is sold in three editions ranging from the Standard Edition at $39.99 through the Collector's Edition at $99.99, the differences being in-game cosmetics and mounts as the price increases.


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