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Swords of Legends Online Details Berserker In Latest Class Breakdown

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online Details Berserker In Latest Class Breakdown

Swords of Legends Online is continuing its breakdown of the classes players can take the role of in the upcoming MMORPG. Today the team at Gameforge showcased the melee Berserker class.

Described as a class for those who "prefer to be in the thick of battle," the Berserker class is a tank and damage dealer. Wielding a comically large greatsword and fighting alongside its Wold companion, the Berserker deals damage up close and personal.

The class, like The Reaper before it, has two masteries: The Slayer and the Drunken Master.  The Slayer is a damage dealing specilization dealing damage in AOEs to crowds of enemies. The Drunken Master is the tank, "numbing themselves to pain" to soak up damage and protect their friends. 

Via the press release:

"The Berserker school was founded by the legendary warrior Qingya. Originally a gargantuan wolf, Qingya became enlightened by the teachings of Lan Yaoqi, who showed him how to focus his abilities and pass the knowledge onto his students. Renowned for both his fighting prowess and his legendary ability to hold his drink, Qingya’s students returned to the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and founded a Berserker school in his name."

The Berserker is one of six character classes coming to Swords of Legends Online when it hits Western shores later this year on Gameforge, Steam and the Epic Games Store. Gameforge is bringing the highly successful Chinese MMORPG, Gu Jian Qi Tan Online, to the West sometime this year. Check out the Berserker in action in the trailer embed above. In case you missed it, you can check out the hybrid support/DPS class, Reaper, which was revealed yesterday.


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