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Swords of Legends Online Adds New Tanky, Crystal Sword Weilding Warrior Class With Firestone Legacy Update

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Swords of Legends Online Adds New Tanky, Crystal Sword Weilding Warrior Class With Firestone Legacy Update

Ahead of the upcoming release of Swords of Legends Online Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, Gameforge is showing off the second of its new character classes to come to the MMORPG. The Warrior is a tank and DPS class, able to turn its body as hard as stone itself.

The class itself has two sub-classes: the Crystal Warrior and the Spirit Warrior. The sub-classes themselves are based on the gender of the character, with the male Cyrstal Warriors able to turn their bodies as hard as stone, while the female Spirit Warriors take on the enemies harnessing their spirit force do deal damage. 

Via the press release from Gameforge:

"Long ago, the Firestone clan and spirit foxes came together in the Floral Palace, where they established a new community built on both of their respective cultures. The children that emerged from the union of these two races were born with remarkable physical prowess and selected as guardians of their homeland.

The male disciples became known as Crystal Warriors, as they were able to turn their bodies as hard as stone; the female disciples meanwhile became known as Spirit Warriors, due to their ability to channel excess spiritual power into their swords."

Both sub-classes can act as a tank or DPS role in a group, differing a smidge in how they do so. The Crystal Warrior can use its stoneskin to tank, while the Spirit Warrior channels their force to boost their own power or that of their allies with the Bodyguard Mastery. The Spirit Blade mastery, however, channels qi into a single or AOE spell using the Spirit Warrior's Spirit Sword.

The Crystal Warrior, on the other hand, uses its Stoneskin mastery to increase their defense and ward off damage. The Stoneskin form also allows the player to summon runes to deal damage from range, versus the Dragon's Might DPS mastery needing to be in melee range to deal damage using the class' Crystal Sword.

You can check out more in the video above. Yestereday, Swords of Legends Online revealed the Fox Mage class, also coming with the free-to-play update for the MMORPG on February 24th. 


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