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Survival MMO The Day Before Delayed Yet Again, This Time Releasing Early Access On December 7th

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Survival MMO The Day Before Delayed Yet Again, This Time Releasing Early Access On December 7th

The Day Before, the post-apocalyptic survival MMO, has seen yet another delay, this time with Fntastic delaying the game till December 7th.

The trailer released this morning comes after months of radio silence from developer Fntastic as the dev team has had to overcome multiple hurdles on the way here. Since being pushed out of 2022, every major announcement this year has been accompanied by a new delay. In January it was revealed The Day Before would be missing its March 1st target, moving it to November 10th, and now this delay to December 7th. This is after the devs claimed in an interview this past June that the release was on target for November 10th. 

Part of the issues surrounding The Day Before was a trademark dispute over the name, something developer Fntastic says is no longer an issue. 

"We won back our name, 'The Day Before,' the dev team states in post on the restored Steam page. "This was confirmed by the decision of the Intellectual Property Tribunal."

the day before

As of now as well, there hasn't been any word on public testing, something the developers have mentioned would be coming as well, so hopefully, we will hear something now that there is more than a month before the new launch date. However with the Early Access announcement, that just might be what Fntastic is using as public testing instead.

The trailer released this morning provides an overview of what you'll find yourself doing in The Day Before, from scavenging for supplies in this post-apocalyptic take on the United States East Coast to decorating your very own ranch. Set in New Fortune City. or more specifically, the community of Woodbury, players will work with survivors of the deadly plague to rebuild the community. In exchange for finding supplies and building materials for Woodbury, players are rewarded with a currency called Woodbury Coins.

Like many survival games, it won't just be health you'll need to track, as The Day Before will also require players to worry about hunger and thirst. If neither of those get you, the Infected and other players might.

The latest trailer also showcases the weapons in The Day Before, which can be modified. Fntastic states that it is aiming for realism here, with realistic reload and recoil mechanics to help each weapon feel unique.

The trailer highlights inventory management, gives a glimpse at character creation, and more. What it's short on is moment-to-moment gameplay, showing the full gameplay loop in action. You can check out the full trailer in the embed above. Earlier this year, the team showed off early glimpses of gameplay to a very lukewarm response. It'll be interesting to see how the community reacts here and whether Fntastic can keep excitement up through this latest delay. The Day Before is currently back on Steam, and will set players back $39 for Early Access launch, while Fntastic says it'll be $49 on the full release. They are also promising a "next-gen console version" on the full release of the MMO. 


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