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Survival Horror RPG Chernobylite Receives Lore Trailer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Survival Horror RPG Chernobylite Receives Lore Trailer

Chernobylite, that survival horror RPG, has received a new lore trailer ahead of its launch later this month.

If you missed it, we previously reported on Chernobylite last month when it announced a release date for July 28 on PC, with consoles following later this summer. Chernobylite, as the name might intimate, is set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. You play as Igor who is a physicist and former employee of the power plant. He’s returning to the exclusion zone 30 years after the disappearance of his fiancée. Back in Chernobyl, you’ll have to stay alive. You can check out the lore trailer above.

Chernobylite is set to feature a nonlinear story, nonlinear strategy, stealth, survival, and combat, base building and crafting, and resource and team management.

Ahead of the release later this month, the team also release a game quality improvement patch which touches on technology, localization, and additional improvements based on feedback. Some optimization work includes:

  • We have deeply optimized the performance of the CPU. As a result, the game should run MUCH smoother with a high number of enemies on the map. We have also introduced a change in the way opponents are highlighted. We hope you will like the new effect.
  • We have added a loading bar that informs you of the game loading progress.
  • We fixed most of the crashes that were reported to us.

You can read the full patch notes here. You can wishlist Chernobylite on Steam where it’s priced at $29.99.


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