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Survival Crafting RPG Sengoku Dynasty Hits Steam Early Access August 10th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Survival Crafting RPG Sengoku Dynasty Hits Steam Early Access August 10th

The makers of Medieval Dynasty are back with their next release, the Japanese-themed Sengoku Dynasty. The survival crafting, settlement building RPG will be coming to Steam Early Access on August 10th.

Sengoku Dynasty takes players to medieval Japan as they will gather resources, build and craft settlements and explore a fictional version of Japan during the Sengoku period. To call it a survival crafting game isn't nearly enough, as Sengoku Dynasty blends the elements of a city builder, life simulation, open world exploration RPG with combat, survival mechanics and much more.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, the backdrop of Sengoku-era Japan is beautifully detailed, with multiple biomes to explore, from forests, hot springs, cherry blossom groves, and much more. Developer Superkami has set out to create a "realistic and faithful representation" of feudal Japan, according to the press release.

During Early Access, players can tackle this solo or team up with friends in co-op to build out their own little pocket of Sengoku Japan. More information regarding features coming in the roadmap on its road to a full 1.0 launch will hit in August. However, some features confirmed will include the construction of shrines, your own village and even a personal Katana.

You can check out details on the official Steam page. We reviewed Toplitz' Medieval Dynasty when it dropped out of Early Access in 2021, with our reviewer Emily praising the gorgeous world and sandbox nature, while wishing there could be some more user guidance to help players get their footing.


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