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Super Animal Royale - Battle Royale with a Twist as a Cutsie Critter

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Super Animal Royale - Battle Royale with a Twist as a Cutsie Critter

If you are just dying to play a battle royale game with a unique twist, you may want to check out Super Animal Royale from Pixile Studios. You'll "fight for FURvival" as one of 64 woodland creatures dumped onto a map to become the last critter standing. 

Super Animal Royale pits players off against one another but from a top-down perspective to give it an additional twist.

The top down view and streamlined mechanics make the game uniquely accessible and fun, but it’s no easy task to be the final survivor on an island filled with 64 wild and insane animals. The island and roster of genetically modified animals are constantly expanding and changing with updates, and each animal can be customized with different outfits, tombstones, death explosions, weapons and more. The game has also been designed to run smoothly whether you play on a Macbook or a beastly gaming PC. So grab an umbrella and parachute off an eagle with us into Super Animal World. We hope you survive your stay.

Super Animal Royale is expected to be released in October.

Learn more on the Super Animal Royale Steam page or official site.

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