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Stunlock Studios Announces V Rising 'Legacy of Castlevania' Collaboration

Casey Bell Posted:
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Stunlock Studios Announces V Rising 'Legacy of Castlevania' Collaboration

Stunlock Studios have announced a collaboration with Konami to feature Castlevania content in its vampire survival ARPG, V Rising.

The Legacy of Castlevania collab will release on May 8 and features Castlevania hero, Simon Belmont, of the legendary Belmont clan. Simon seeks to challenge all vampires as part of a “righteous crusade” across Vardoran. Players looking to take Simon on should beware, Simon’s wielding his iconic Vampire Killer whip and bringing a whole arsenal of holy weaponry to bear for the fight. Vampires who are successful in defeating Simon will unlock a brand new weapon in V Rising, the whip, which features all new combat abilities.

Players who want even more Castlevania content can purchase the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack and unlock cosmetic downloadable content, including Castlevania themed castle décor, character customization options, and even a skeletal mount. Players can even add Castlevania music to their castles.

V Rising is available now in Steam Early Access on PC with a full launch set for May 8. The PlayStation 5 version of the game will release later this year.


Casey Bell