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Street Fighter 6's Ed Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Release Date

Casey Bell Posted:
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Street Fighter 6's Ed Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Release Date

Capcom recently teased Ed, the penultimate character release of Street Fighter 6’s Year 1 Character Pass, with a trailer featuring cutscenes from Ed’s World Tour section. The trailer gave us hints at how Ed would translate over from Street Fighter 5 to 6, but this latest trailer released by Capcom gives players the full rundown.

The most obvious change to Ed’s fighting style in Street Fighter 6 is the fact he’s now a full on boxer. He’s still retained his Psycho powers, of course, but all of Ed’s attacks are now punches. Players were also curious about how his inputs would be adapted for Street Fighter 6 as his simplified controls in SF5 served as the precursor to the sequel’s new Modern Control scheme. As it turns out, Ed will retain his simple inputs from SF5 when played with Modern Controls and Capcom have also expanded his inputs when played with Classic Controls.

Ed’s release will also bring a new stage called Ruined Lab, which is home to a destroyed Shadaloo laboratory. This stage will be granted to all owners of the Year 1 Character Pass or Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition.

Ed joins the Street Fighter 6 roster on February 27.


Casey Bell