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Stellar Blade Demo Now Available on the PlayStation 5

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Stellar Blade Demo Now Available on the PlayStation 5

The demo for Korean developer Shift Up’s action-adventure game Stellar Blade is out now – for real this time. The demo was accidentally pushed out early to the PlayStation Store a couple of weeks ago and quickly taken down, but players eager to give the game a spin can now do so without worry.

The demo features the beginning sections of the game. Eve, the game’s protagonist, is a member of the 7th Airborne Squad and is deployed to Earth in order to liberate the planet from the Naytiba. Players can complete the tutorial, explore the post-war human city of Eidos 7, and work their way towards the game’s first boss fight. The developer promisese a “surprise” for players who complete the first level.

Stellar Blade features 60 fps combat and haptics via the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller. Demo progress will carry over to launch, where players can continue on from their last checkpoint. The developer notes that the save data must be present on the PS5 hardware to carry over.

Stellar Blade arrives on the PlayStation 5 on April 26.


Casey Bell