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Starbase - Gunfights & Weapons Feature Video

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Starbase - Gunfights & Weapons Feature Video

The latest Starbase video is out and about, this time featuring both weapons and gunfights. Viewers will be treated to a visual of how combat will look, at least in this early stage, when the voxel-vertex-based space-themed MMO is released. 

We've got a new Starbase feature video! This one focuses on the various handheld weapons and the gunfighting in Starbase, which has its own special quirks related to zero-gravity movement and the fully destructible environment. As spaceships are also a huge part of Starbase, you can seamlessly transition from a spaceship fight to a gunfight. You can fight on ships while the ships are moving, jump off from one ship to another or board the enemy’s ship and seize control! 

Learn more about Starbase on its Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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