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Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Brings Galatic Civil War With Its 1.1 Update Drop

Planetary Control and more

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Brings Galatic Civil War With Its 1.1 Update Drop

Star Wars Galaxies' private Restoration server dropped its 1.1 update, bringing its Planetary Control mechanic to the MMORPG. The latest update allows players to take a meaningful part in the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebellion.

A new trailer showcases the new Planetary Control mechanics, which sees players able to rank up as officers in either the Empire or the Rebellion. Senior officers can assign themselves specific regions to defend, and the ante is upped by the fact that if you fail in your defense, you're demoted for that failure. 

Galactic Civil War Officer Ranks are also available to players, and come with high end abilities according to the Private Server's dev team, such as Statis Laser, calling in reinforcements and more. High ranks can also obtain exclusive armor and weapon skins from Factional Vendors.

Combat also saw an overhaul, with new UI features and combat calculations that re meant to bring Restoration up to date with modern MMORPGs. This is handy as the team is also looking to implement at 64-bit client, which should unlock more advanced graphical features, as well as take advantage of modern CPU architectures. 

For those looking ahead for Star Wars Galaxies Restoration, update 1.2 will focus on the Jedi, with the team stating in a press release that players can look forward to a "long but worthwhile journey."

"We’re excited to announce that our 1.2 update will focus on Jedi and the force sensitive experience. Players can expect Jedi to be a long but worthwhile journey, culminating on a strange new world, facing new foes, and gaining support from an ally fans of Star Wars have been waiting to see brought to life within a game."

You can learn more at the Star Wars Galaxies Restoration website. For more on the GCW content, check out the 1.1 trailer embedded above.


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