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SOLO's The Firestone Legacy Update Is Now Live, Brings New Classes, Free-To-Play And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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SOLO's The Firestone Legacy Update Is Now Live, Brings New Classes, Free-To-Play And More

The long-awaited update to Swords of Legends Online, The Firestone Legacy, is now live today. With the update, the MMORPG shifts to free-to-play, brings new zones, and more to players eager to explore the eastern MMO. 

With the updateSOLO is launching two more classes for players to try out: the Fox Mage and the Warrior.  Additionally, the update brings five new zones, new PvP and PvE raids and more. Chapters 11 and 12 of the story and an increased level cap are also added with The Firestone Legacy, continuing the story players have been exploring in mythical Shenzhou. 

Swords of Legends Online announced it was going to shift to free-to-play in late January, less than a year after it launched here in the West, citing concerns over player population growth. The new update will, hopefully for publisher Gameforge, bring more players in and bolster the MMO's base to a more comfortable level. 

Since the MMO will be free-to-play, the MMO will be monetized through its cosmetic in-game cash shop as well as the premium tier of its Battle Pass.  Gameforge is promising consumers there "will be no pay-to-win elements." For those who bought SOLO previously, the company is also promising valuable in-game items as compensation and a thank you for supporting the MMO.

You can check out the trailer celebrating the launch of Swords of Legends Online's The Firestone Legacy in the embed above. SOLO is out on PC on Steam, through Gameforge's own launcher as well as the Epic Games Store.


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