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SOLO Launches Today Across Steam, Gameforge, Epic Games Store

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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SOLO Launches Today Across Steam, Gameforge, Epic Games Store

Swords of Legends Online is launching today across the Gameforge client, Steam, and Epic Games Store. If you plan on diving in today, here’s what you need to know.

Regarding the launch, Noemi Feller, Vice President of Products at Gameforge, expressed in a press release,

“The reception the community has shown Swords of Legends Online since its announcement in April has left us overwhelmed with gratitude. We are incredibly appreciative of the thousands of players who took part during the Alpha and Beta, providing us with their valuable impressions of the game. We have worked diligently to examine and implement their feedback, and are proud to release something that will provide players a legendary experience.”

Some patch notes dropped earlier this week ahead of the launch today touching release events, login gifts, and, crucially release time. If you’re reading this, know that SOLO is live currently, having gone live today at 8a ET.

Additional changes brought about by the patch included:

  • Added two additional skin tones.
  • Reworked and added the player card feature.
  • Arena times have been extended to 4 AM.
  • Fixed rules for character names.
  • Many bugs have been slain.

You can look forward to a 7-day login event to claim a free gift every day. Additionally, this Saturday and Sunday will host a quiz where you can tout your SOLO knowledge and win rewards.

Earlier this week, we reported on an AMA hosted on Reddit where the team discussed monetization, loot boxes, and more with the community. You can check out our recap of the AMA here.

Additionally, if you’re diving in today, check out the Ancestral Records which are set to include several activities like Bounty Hunter, Ghost Dimension, and Treasure Hunt. Read up on Ancestral Records here.

Moreover, the team discussed housing earlier where you’ll be able to create entire villages and neighborhoods with your friends if you advance enough. Catch up on housing details here.

We had plenty of thoughts on our time with SOLO over the past few months. For one, we didn’t realize how important good movement is to MMORPGs, especially ones which focus heavily on combat. Read our revelation on this matter here.

And if you’re in the sort to PvP, check out our PvP coverage for more details. Are you planning on jumping into SOLO today? Sound off with your thoughts below.


Poorna Shankar