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Smite 2 Deep Dive Video Reveals First New God, Hecate

Casey Bell Posted:
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Smite 2 Deep Dive Video Reveals First New God, Hecate

Titan Forge has revealed Hecate, Smite 2’s first new god, in a new deep dive video released by the developer. The video gives us a look into Hecate’s backstory, abilities, and how the use of Unreal Engine 5 was instrumental in realizing the character’s potential in Smite 2.

A fan-favorite of the Smite community, Hecate’s announcement has been met with excitement from players. Unreal Engine 5 improved cloth physics allowed the team to better realize their aim to emphasize Hecate’s ethereal presence. One they describe as “floaty, soft, out in the ether.”

The new engine also allowed the team to visually distort the map for Hecate and targets of her Traverse Worlds ability, making for a more immersive experience.

On the gameplay side of things, Hecate’s passive Mythical Ritual allows her to enchant friendly structures with either the Ritual of Life or Ritual of Death. Life will provide the structure with an aura that heals nearby allies’ health and mana while the Death ritual will buff allies’ Strength and Intelligence if a kill has been made nearby within 30 seconds.

For more details on Hecate, watch the full video we’ve included here.


Casey Bell