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Skyblivion Shares First Gameplay Preview of Quests

Plus a tour of the overworld

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Skyblivion Shares First Gameplay Preview of Quests

In a 19 minute video, the folks behind Skyblivion, the mod looking to rebuild Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion in the Skyrim Special Edition engine, shared an update on their progress, including providing a peak at quest gameplay.

The video is the second in their Development Diary series. The first of these updates released last September provided an introduction to the mod, including what the team is looking to accomplish. Since that video, the team has grown somewhat.

This second dev diary takes a comprehensive look at the overworld, taking us on a tour of each of the regions in Skyblivion, including a look at some plants. The game is looking to be physically larger in landmass compared to Skyrim, and this requires significant work and scrutiny.

The video closes by showing us a quest taking us into Exhausted Mine. Quests are one are the team is looking to focus on next, with over 200 quests to address. If you’d like to volunteer with the project, you can do so here.


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