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Skull And Bones Is Real And It's Releasing This November

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Skull And Bones Is Real And It's Releasing This November

Skull and Bones, the oft-delayed pirate MMO from Ubisoft, is truly real and we finally have a release date. The upcoming multiplayer title will be coming on November 8th, and Ubisoft is planning multiple live tests from now through the release date this year.

Skull and Bones looks more like a survival game than just a pure pirate sailing sim now, with the MMO seeing players team up to take contracts, customize their ships, and plunder the high seas. Set between the coasts of Africa to the far reaches of the East Indies, Skull and Bones players will set sail in their own, customized ships to earn infamy and booty. This reveal shows off the most substantive information since the MMO started to see massive delays year after yearSkull and Bones was first revealed back at E3 2017.

The team released a deep dive into the gameplay in a new trailer, which we've embedded below. Skull and Bones players can either participate in either simple PvE, taking out strongholds and merchants for their own glory, or tackle the full experience with PvEvP. 

Skull and Bones will also be featuring an insider program, which will give members a chance to play Skull and Bones and provide feedback to the developers leading up to the November 8th launch. However, the team does stress that the insider program doesn't replace future betas and live, large-scale testing phases. You can sign up on the website.

In addition to this mornings reveal, the team is current streaming the game in a "live" setting with other players. You can check it out in the embed below as well if you want to see more of Skull and Bones in action.


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